One Stop Shop for Innovation

Kinneret Innovation Center

An innovative ecosystem that links the academia, industry and agricultural community to provide solutions in the fields of agriculture, water and food.


We guide startups to achieve their goals by using our past entrepreneurial experience. Our extensive network introduces startups to potential investors and industry partners who can validate the startups’ feasibility. Our co-working space allows entrepreneurs to develop their ideas while being part of our growing community. Our academic ties assists in advancing startups’ research and development. 


Innovation and entrepreneurship are the skills that will solve the world’s problems we face today. We teach people, from youths to working adults, to be ready for the future. A practical curriculum consisting workshops, seminars, hackathons and meetings with entrepreneurs ensures students learn the concepts taught. 

Hi-tech R&D Park​

Every ecosystem needs a place to call home and the Hi-Tech R&D Park consists of co-working space and R&D labs. It will become the innovation hub where academia, industry and startups gather and connect.


Investments play a large part to develop cutting edge technologies. Money invested in our investment fund is used to fund early stage startups. The investments helps to transform a concept into a product.